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1972 just over 4 million Ford Vehicles affected…

back in the day it truly seemed that automotive manufacturers seemed to have some bad luck with their vehicles not having some type of recall. Now for this one Ford including their other brands like Lincoln, and Mercury had an issue with Seat belts fraying and detaching. The seat belts would fail under pressure, it was a small plastic part in the shoulder harness would crumble and shader under the pressure, so in the event of an accident the seat belts would detach or tear at the con action of this plastic piece with in the shoulder strap.

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1981 was the year of one of GM’s Recalls

This recall consisted of the Rear suspension bolts failing, consisting of the bolts end up fracturing or even coming lose which lead to loss of control of the vehicle. Now thats a big deal if you ask any one in the automotive industry. This Recall affected 5.82 million Units (vehicles) 10 different types of vehicles included in that number.

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Good Old Ford again with a lovely ignition switch Recall

Faulty ignition switch in the mid 1990’s in over 7.9 million vehicles from the Mustang, Bronco, Crown Vic’s so cop cars!! and many more cars and trucks. So the Problem was that the Ignition switch of self-ignition, which caused electrical shorts and steering-column meltdowns so literally melting and burning of the steering columns. Talk about a “hot ride”


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Toyota… back in 2010 had an amazing recall

Back in 2010 Toyota had a huge Recall on almost the most important part of a car, well even safety related. The Unintended acceleration was the biggest problem i believe a auto maker could have. Now imagine your just driving along a nice smooth road listening to your favourite song, and all of a sudden your car just keeps going faster and faster, and there is nothing you can do about it, just keeps going faster and faster!

over 6.7 million cars were effected by this defective part, now Toyota first blamed this on driver error or even miss placed and installed floor matts. Instead of facing the fact that their part was actually defective. models affected : 2004-‘10 Toyota AvalonCamryCorollaCorolla MatrixHighlanderPriusRAV4TacomaTundra; various Lexus models